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Monkeys are cute but are not domesticated animals
Dogs are domesticated and cute and our best friends.
Choose a dog every time over exotic pets and you will be happier.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dog as a Young Artist

Tillamook Cheddar
Tillamook Cheddar
Tillamook Cheddar, a Jack Russell Terrier from Brooklyn, New York, is widely regarded as the world's preeminent canine artist. Over a 14-year career she had more than 20 solo exhibitions in the U.S., Europe, and Bermuda. Tillie's terrestrial life came to an end on January 29, 2014, twelve days after her 15th birthday.

The artist's primary process was a dynamic color transfer technique. In preparation for each of Tillie's works, her assistants assembled a touch-sensitive recording device by affixing pigment-coated vellum to a block of watercolor paper, with a sheet of clear mylar on top, to insulate the artist from the paint medium. Working on the outside surface, she applied pressure with teeth and claws in a methodic ritual marked by dramatic shifts in tempo and intensity. The resultant sharp and sweeping intersecting lines complement the artist's delicate paw prints and subtle tongue impressions, composing an expressionistic image revealed on the paper once the outer layers of vellum and mylar have been removed. She worked with shocking intensity, sometimes to the point of destroying her creations.

In July 2005 the artist gave birth to six healthy puppies. One of her sons, Doc Chinook Strongheart Cheddar, continued to live with her until her death. Doc lives on, but thus far he has not followed his mother in her artistic forays.

Her first official biography, Portrait of the Dog as a Young Artist by F. Bowman Hastie III, is published by Sasquatch Books (2006). 


Friday, September 23, 2016

Dog Pictures

Thursday, September 15, 2016

BRIARD ON SCOOTER - scooting dog


The Shaggy Dog Likes to Scooter Round Town

As shaggy dog stories go, the one about Norman the very bright Briard who is a wizz riding his scooter ranks high on the list.

The clever canine, who lives with the Cobb family in Canton, Georgia,
competes in many obedience competitions and received his Companion Dog
Title at just 15 months of age after four first place finishes.

But it's his razor scooter that has remained the pooch's passion since
he was a mere pup when his owner, Karen Cobb, took him out for his first

'He began playing with the kid's scooter in the backyard and we thought
it would be fun to give him a ride on it,' says Karen. 'Then we decided
to teach him to push it, and now he loves riding his scooter.'

His scooting antics have already made him popular on the Internet, and his Facebook page has quite a following.


now 20 months old, has even attracted the attention of television show
host and comedian David Letterman and last month made an appearance on
Stupid Pet Tricks on The Late Show.

Briards originate from France and their recognised talents include
search and rescue, police work, military work, herding, watchdogging and
guarding, but they also also make excellent companions, finding favour
with Napoleon and Thomas Jefferson.


Check out more of his unique tricks on his website:


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Determined Kitten

Strong-Willed RT: "Don't block the door....Get out of my way."[Indeed a bold little fellow!]