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Monday, July 16, 2018

Monkey Statue

Grant Hayter-Menzies @HayterMenzies
We’ll have your name up in lights yet, dear Woo 


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Zoo Protest

  • kialo

    Should Zoos Be Banned? | Kialo

    Humans have kept animals confined in enclosures for many millennia, with the earliest suggestions of zoos appearing over 5000 years ago. There is no doubt that…

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Snake Bite

"Please say a little prayer for my sweet hero.” Golden retriever puppy prevented his owner from being bitten by a rattlesnake:

Monday, June 25, 2018

Koko the gorilla once ripped a sink out of the wall

Red Durkin‏ @RedIsDead

Koko the gorilla once ripped a sink out of the wall and, when her keepers confronted her about it, she blamed her kitten, signing "cat did it." That HAD been my favorite Koko story, until I saw this: RIP to an absolute legend


Pampered Pets

me looking at the room service menu + seeing that it’s 24 hours

  Jenna MarblesVerified account @Jenna_Marbles · Jun 20 


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Kermit and my puppy Lucia birthday twinned with their hats .. how cute...She just turned 1 last month!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Koko, the gorilla famous for using sign language, died at the age of 46.

Koko, the gorilla who mastered sign language, has died in her sleep at age 46, The Gorilla Foundation says. She was said to have understood some 2,000 words of spoken English.

💔🦍 Koko the gorilla has sadly died, aged 46. Here's the story of her life.
Koko the gorilla, pictured here on the October 1978 cover of National Geographic, has died at 46.
Koko, the gorilla famous for using sign language, died at the age of 46. 

Here's a look at our feature on Koko from way back in 1978.
Goodnight, bright star. You were a great ambassador, and you will be missed.
When I was a little girl my grandmother told me about Koko and we read the book about her kitten. I was at an age when the world was seeming less "magical", which in some ways is normal and good, but Koko, who really could talk, made me feel there was still wonder&magic out there
Michael Fry Retweeted Sky News
My favourite story about this gorilla is when she got a kitten to look after. A while later zookeepers found a sink had been ripped off the wall and when Koko was asked who did it she blamed the kitten. A legendary scammer RIP

Michael Fry added,
im very sad Koko the gorilla died today, ive always been fascinated with her since i was little. here's some of her movie reviews.
I’m sitting here at work, about to go into a meeting, with tears welling up because I just read that Koko the gorilla died. Might not mean much, but I read “Koko’s Kitten” over and over as a child, and that damn gorilla and stubby kitten meant so much to me.
RIP Koko, earth angel + fake bird clown
On the death of Koko the gorilla, here she is playing with Robin Williams


Koko the gorilla was important. She showed us unequivocally that human beings are not the sole proprietors of personhood. Rest in peace, Koko.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Dogs can be showoffs


When @lindseyadler shared a photo of her dog seemingly posing for the camera, other dog owners joined in on the fun, sharing…



RIP Koko



Dr. Penny Patterson and Koko.


Dr. Penny Patterson and Koko.
Gorilla Foundation
By Kevin Kelleher
8:28 PM EDT 
Koko, the western lowland gorilla that began to learn sign language in the San Francisco Zoo and eventually became a celebrity beloved by millions, passed away in her sleep Tuesday at the age of 46.

Instructor and trainer Dr. Penny Patterson began teaching Koko a modified version of human sign language at an early age. In time, Koko came to use more than 1,000 signs of what Patterson called “gorilla sign language” and could understand about 2,000 words of spoken English.

“Koko touched the lives of millions as an ambassador for all gorillas and an icon for interspecies communication and empathy,” the Gorilla Foundation said in a statement. “She was beloved and will be deeply missed.”


Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero
(seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the next one)
- Horace

A Conversation With Koko The Gorilla: Full Documentary

Meet Koko, a western lowland gorilla who has been taught sign language. 
She's making us question what we think we know about animal intelligence. 
Join in the conversation on social media with #TalkingGorilla.

Ahamo 2015 Winner: Excellence in Documentary Film: PBS Nature 1999 

This program doesn’t just talk with an ape, it carries on an intimate, decades-long dialogue with her. 

The story documents the incredible development of a gorilla named Koko, whose learning of American Sign Language (and understanding of spoken English) gives new meaning to the ideas of animal intelligence and inter-species communication.

Check out Ahamo on the web -