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Friday, March 29, 2013

Lapham's Pics



Lapham's Quarterly is a literary journal edited by Lewis Lapham. Four times a year we collect fiction, nonfiction, poems, and essays from over four thousand years of history, all gathered around a single theme.
Published four times a year, each issue of Lapham’s Quarterly adopts and explores a single theme. LQ’s first four issues were dedicated, respectively, to War, Money, Nature, and Education, each created with an aim to help readers find historical threads from Homer to Queen Elizabeth I to George Patton, from Aesop to Edith Wharton to Joan Didion.

You can discover more from our Fall 2012 issue, Politics, and peruse our archives here:

Opium Den

"Extacy waits, coiled like a snake
Draw from the hookah and the serpent will awake" Paul Roland, In the Opium Den.





Walton Ford
Walton Ford is an American artist who makes paintings and prints in the style of Audubon's naturalist illustrations. Wikipedia
Born: 1960, Larchmont

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