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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Best Friends

Dog and Deer Share Unusual Lovestory

Uploaded on Sep 19, 2011
COMOX VALLEY -- A photographer who normally finds herself travelling the globe to capture images of various wildlife and leading photo safaris has found something in her own back yard that has now changed her life.

Isobel Springett responded to what she said were terrible, heart wrenching cries and discovered they were coming from a young fawn that had been abandoned by its mother. Springett rescued the underweight fawn and brought it into her home where it was quickly adopted by "Kate", her Great Dane.

Springett says the young fawn she named "Pip" attempted to nurse off of Kate and was cared for by the dog. She says the pair are the best of friends and the Great Dane spends much of it's day sitting and waiting for the deer to return home each night.

The unusual friendship has been the focus of several photos and videos taken by Springett and will be the subject of a new book due out in April of 2012. Until then fans of the two friends can follow their adventures through the Facebook page: Kate and Pip BFF

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