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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Tony Randall and Zamba the Lion

Tony Randall and Zamba the Lion, seen in a new book of the work of photographer Orlando Suero 

 A new book brings together the work of photographer Orlando Suero, who always established a good rapport with his subjects. It makes for a mixture of striking posed images and off-the-cuff shots, featuring some of the 20th-Century’s most famous politicians and celebrities, writes Christine Ro.

Orlando Suero’s photography career extended from his teens to his 80s. A new book, Orlando/Photography, gathers around 200 intimate shots of well-known actors, politicians, musicians and other celebrities in their heyday, ranging from the 1950s to 1980s. Some of these photos have remained unpublished for 50 years.

(Credit: Orlando Suero)
Tony Randall and Zamba, 1965

The opening image from Orlando/Photography is of actor Tony Randall placidly reading to Zamba the lion. 

This is one of more than 100 photos that Suero took of Tony and Zamba on the bed while on the set of the film Fluffy, a comedy about a psychology professor who attempts to prove that a lion can be domesticated. 

Suero began working on film sets while living in his native New York, before moving to Hollywood to further his entertainment career.

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